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Boost your events with a modular solution that simplifies your organization, increases participant engagement tenfold and opens up new horizons.

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App screenshotSimply the best event platform on the market
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Reinvent your events with unique and memorable experiences!

Professional events

Make every event a success, whatever the format

Organize impeccable events with our flexible and ergonomic solution, adapted to all your business needs.

Seminar, team-building, incentive
Boost your team's cohesion with unforgettable seminars and team-building activities, designed to inspire and motivate
Conferences, trade shows, conventions
Organize first-class conferences and trade shows, and capture your audience's attention from the very first moment
Product launches, general meetings, training courses, evening events
Make every product launch, training session or party a memorable and memorable event for all participants
Physical events
Boost your physical events and encourage engagement with a dedicated application, offering a modern and attractive image
Virtual events
In an ever-changing environment, adapt and transform your events into rich, interactive virtual experiences
Hybrid events
Take advantage of hybrid formats to reach a wider audience: share your event with remote and on-site participants

Testimonials from our customers

Find out why companies all over the world choose our services for their events. Here are the testimonials of our satisfied customers who share their successful experiences.

    • We succeeded in creating cohesion between our 2,500 guests, making them ‘stars’ for the evening. A total success, and one that left them with fond memories of their day together

      Joséphine Lefevre
      Agence levée de Rideau pour la Caisse d'Épargne
    • The WeChain team designed a bespoke tool that enabled us to enter into a new relationship with our audience and collect thousands of contacts

      Florent Favier
      Dircom Institut océanographique de Monaco
    • Thanks to WeChain, we were able to organize a digital event for our 1,500 employees. The quality of the interactions and the ease of use were much appreciated

      Isabelle Ecckhout
      DRH Groupe Burrus
    • The entire WeChain team went out of their way to co-create with us the perfect app for our annual seminar. Many thanks to them!

      Marc Simeon
      Communication Director ESN Group
    • We had an exceptional experience with WeChain, their solution completely transformed our event by offering unparalleled interactivity with our attendees.

      Sophie Durand
      Event Manager, ABC Company
    • Implementing WeChain technology has significantly improved the quality of our engagement with our partners at our last convention.

      Salomon Ohayon

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