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+30 Modules

Innovative modules for all your events

Discover our complete range of interactive and engaging modules to transform your events into unforgettable experiences.

Live rooms

Organize and manage live streaming rooms for real-time interaction.

News feed

Keep participants informed with a live news feed and announcements during the event.


Enable real-time messaging for participants to communicate and network.


Collect instant feedback and opinions from participants with interactive polls.

Quizzes and games

Engage your audience with interactive quizzes and games for a fun experience.

QR code

Generate and scan QR codes for quick access to event information and activities.

Interactive map

Provide an interactive map to help participants easily navigate the event venue.

Practical info

Offer essential practical information to participants, including schedules, locations, and guidelines.

Partner area

Dedicate a partner area for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their offers.

Personalized agenda

Allow participants to customize their event agenda with schedules and reminders.

Speed meeting

Facilitate quick networking sessions with timed meetings between participants.


Share and view event photos and videos in a dedicated gallery space.


Analyze event performance with detailed statistics and data insights.

Alerts & notifications

Send push notifications and alerts to keep participants informed and engaged.

Artificial intelligence

Enhance the event experience with AI-based tools and features.

Contact exchange

Facilitate effortless contact exchange between participants.


Easily schedule and manage appointments during the event.

Personal space

Offer a personalized space for organizers to manage their event experience.

Security and GDPR

Ensure event data security and compliance with GDPR regulations.


Effortlessly manage the sale and distribution of event tickets.


Easily send and manage event invitations.

Access control

Implement effective access control measures for your event.

Native app

Offer a native app experience tailored to your event's needs.

Event website

Create a dedicated event website to share information and updates.


Facilitate meaningful connections and networking opportunities.


Create a visual directory of participants for easy identification.

Digital wallet

Offer a digital wallet for participants to manage payments and transactions.


Collect and analyze participant feedback for continuous improvement.


Highlight event speakers and their profiles to participants.


Integrate video content for a richer event experience.


Offer multilingual support to cater to a diverse audience.


Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms for a unified experience.

Registration form

Create and manage registration forms for your event.

Can't find the ideal module in our list?

No problem! We develop custom solutions to perfectly meet your specific needs. Trust our expertise to create a unique module that will make a difference at your events.

Guarantee the success of all your events, whatever their format

What organizer hasn't dreamed of making their event easy, fluid and engaging? Discover an easy-to-use, ergonomic solution that lets you organize all your events in just a few clicks. Developed in close collaboration with seminar and conference organizers, it's quite simply the best event management application on the market..

One chain = one event. Tailor it to your image. Choose interactive, entertaining and immersive features that will captivate your participants.

3 levels of usage and customization

Choose between a no-download web app for one-off events, a downloadable app customized to your image, or a white-label event app for optimal engagement and recurring needs

Brands / Agencies

Dedicated application on Stores

White-label mobile native app on iOS/Android/Web for optimal engagement. Ideal for agencies that produce several events a year or for companies that need a year-round app

Agencies / One-off events

WeChain mobile application

Downloadable on stores / Design to match your image / Engaging and fun features. enjoy all the benefits of an app with excellent value for money

Unique events

WeChain Web application

No download: engaging and fun features. ideal for a short event without the need for notifications and/or customization

Push notifications

Push notifications for instant communication

Push notifications are essential for keeping your users informed in real time, increasing engagement and responsiveness. Available only on mobile applications, they deliver crucial information directly to the user's lock screen.

Enhanced Engagement
Push notifications increase engagement by reminding users to return to your app.
Instant Communication
Instantly inform your users of news, promotions, and important updates.
Personalize your messages to make them relevant and appealing to each user.
Rendez-vous en Salle 2·15 min ago

The seminar starts in Room 2 in 10 min!

A versatile solution for all your events

Seminars, conferences, trade shows, congresses, team-building, travel: organize impeccable events with our flexible and ergonomic solution.

Physical Events

Energize your physical events and boost engagement with a dedicated application, offering a modern, professional image.

Virtual Events

Adapt to an ever-changing environment and transform your events into rich, interactive virtual experiences.

Hybrid Events

Harness the potential of hybrid formats to reach a wider audience by sharing your event with both on-site and remote participants.

Quality service

Everything you need for a successful event

We offer exceptional services with dedicated project management, RGPD compliance and ISO 27001 certification. Whether you need full or partial project management, our responsive team is here to listen.

Dedicated project manager

Enjoy personalized support with a dedicated project manager to guarantee the success of your initiatives.

ISO 27001/RGPD certified

Ensure the security and compliance of your data with our ISO 27001 certification and RGPD compliance.

Reactivity and listening

Our responsive team is always ready to listen to your needs and respond quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got the answers. Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    • How does your event app work?

      Our app allows you to manage all aspects of your event, from participant registration to post-event data analysis.

    • Can I customize the application for my specific event?

      Yes, our platform is fully customizable to suit the specific needs of your event, whether it's a conference, seminar or trade show

    • Does your application support hybrid events?

      Absolutely, our application is designed to handle physical, virtual and hybrid events, with features adapted to each format.

    • What reminder tools are available?

      We offer automatic reminder tools via email and push notifications to keep your attendees engaged before, during and after the event.

    • How is participant data protected?

      Data security is our priority. Our platform is RGPD compliant and ISO 27001 certified to guarantee the protection of your participants' information.

    • Do you offer customer support?

      Yes, our dedicated support team is available to help you at every stage of organizing your event, from planning to execution.

    • Can I integrate your application with other tools I use?

      Yes, our application can be integrated with various tools and platforms such as CRM, ticketing systems, and marketing tools.

    • What reporting options are available?

      Our platform offers real-time reporting options to enable you to track attendee engagement and analyze your event's performance.

    • What types of events are supported by your app?

      Our application supports a wide range of events, including conferences, seminars, trade shows, conventions, team-building, and much more.

Start your event with us

Questions or need a helping hand? Our team is ready to help you turn your ideas into unforgettable events!

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Testimonials from our customers

Find out why companies all over the world choose our services for their events. Here are the testimonials of our satisfied customers who share their successful experiences.

    • We succeeded in creating cohesion between our 2,500 guests, making them ‘stars’ for the evening. A total success, and one that left them with fond memories of their day together

      Joséphine Lefevre
      Agence levée de Rideau pour la Caisse d'Épargne
    • The WeChain team designed a bespoke tool that enabled us to enter into a new relationship with our audience and collect thousands of contacts

      Florent Favier
      Dircom Institut océanographique de Monaco
    • Thanks to WeChain, we were able to organize a digital event for our 1,500 employees. The quality of the interactions and the ease of use were much appreciated

      Isabelle Ecckhout
      DRH Groupe Burrus
    • The entire WeChain team went out of their way to co-create with us the perfect app for our annual seminar. Many thanks to them!

      Marc Simeon
      Communication Director ESN Group
    • We had an exceptional experience with WeChain, their solution completely transformed our event by offering unparalleled interactivity with our attendees.

      Sophie Durand
      Event Manager, ABC Company
    • Implementing WeChain technology has significantly improved the quality of our engagement with our partners at our last convention.

      Salomon Ohayon