But who helps you energize your events?

Do you know the word serendipity?

Serendipity is finding something while looking for something else. Practically, it’s discovering a cancer treatment while looking for a cure for hair loss. WeChain became the reference app for events while trying to create a social network for sharing photos of the same event.

It was through the playful aspect that WeChain entered the market. And since we found something that didn’t exist and that we needed, we made it... Today, WeChain serves a diverse range of clients: Banks, festivals, international organizations, newlyweds. This diversity makes us very proud. WeChain is also and above all three complementary partners who look in the same direction.

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Louis Stockreisser

Alsatian, a supporter of RC Strasbourg through thick and thin, Louis is the CTO of the group. When the team gets carried away, he brings everyone back to earth. He uses a lot of complicated words that the team (especially Pierre) doesn’t always understand. As the guarantor of WeChain’s technological reliability, he pushes the code to unsuspected limits, maybe except for Steve Wozniak.

Pierre Dewever

Coming from Corsica, having worked in advertising and political communication, Pierre is the communicator and business developer of the team. Generally speaking, he tends to over-conceptualize, but he’s reportedly working on it. If you are one of our regular clients, you probably know him. If you don’t know him, you might not be a regular client...

Philippe Braun

A Strasbourger like Louis, Philippe is a versatile web marketer. A sharp middleman, he manages to understand both Pierre and Louis, which is quite an achievement. Thanks to this skill, he ensures WeChain’s strong online presence. He talks to Google’s robots like others talk to birds... It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?